The bump also prevents you from bottoming-out, which happens when you press the key too hard and slam it down into the keyboard. The layout is 60%, which is quite small, but for those who like to game with the keyboard tilted, it’s perfect because the compact size keeps the keyboard from hanging off your desk. The keyboard is really fun to use and the RGB really pops. 1 pc. Tai-Hao Dark Blue Rubber Gaming Backlit Keycap Set (18 Keys) IDR 315.000. Brown switches produce a moderate amount of noise. La Sharkoon è simile, ma costa di più senza apparente motivo, è una tastiera dello stesso livello. In a good way. Almost every single keyboard comes with an option with brown switches. Next time you are looking for a budget mechancial keyboard, check out a keyboard with Outemu switches to see for yourself if … Ple, clear, black, red, blue, mx green,. Similar to Gateron switches, Outemu Brown switches last for 50 million keystrokes. The comparison in the Kailh Box Brown vs Gateron Brown key switches, as outlined here, should ideally help you get access to a truly wonderful experience in achieving the right pick among the best options between them.. How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard. Optical switches have a different feel than mechanical and for that reason they can feel strange to use. Tương tự như các dòng switch clones khác, Gateron cũng có 4 loại switch tiêu chuẩn: Black, Red, Blue, Brown. It’s a touch better than Cherry MX Browns in every regard, but they’re not as smooth as Gateron Browns, though, Outemu Browns more tactile than both. The Outemu aren't like Cherry Brown level scratchy, but they just aren't quite as smooth as the Gateron. Outemu Brown. Kailh Vs Outemu. Più difficile fare bottom out e sono anche più silenziosi. For first person shooters and anything with high frames per second, it becomes more and more crucial to ensure you're the fastest on the... Logitech MX Ergo Plus Review: Best In Class. Outemu are a little heavier too, yea? 00. The main downside to this switch type is the price is a bit steep. What makes the Ergo Plus the best of the best? They tend to feel a bit hollow and fake. The design of the brown switch makes it excellent for beginners, but people who have used brown switches for a while might find them a tad dull and boring. The feel of the Gateron Brown switches is similar to Cherry MX Browns but they just aren’t as durable. They have a slight bump on each keystroke which makes them excellent for typing and programming but they are not the best for gaming. Source: I've had both types of Magiforce 68s. Keyboard lovers Clicking and Clacking in a content rich, friendly place. Di Gateron mi piacciono solo brown tattili, red e clear/white, questi ultimi sono lineari morbidissimi (35gr). Did I mention this keyboard is hot-swappable? Haven't tried Gateron browns. The Keychron K6 comes with an option in Gateron Brown switches. Outemu switches aren’t too bad for the price, they just tend to rattle a bit when typing. In theory, optical switches should be faster than mechanical. Outemu switches also struggle for a lack of durability as they are not rated for 100 million keystrokes unlike Cherry MX. Other users prefer Gateron for being an industry upstart producing smoother, more cost-effective switches. Are the Gateron keys worth the £20 price difference? The way the switch is held together is also a bit strange. The stem is the section of the switch that moves up and down on each keystroke. The Cherry MX Brown switch is considered extremely high quality. The Durgod Taurus K320 is a great option if you need a keyboard with brown switches. If you are looking for a budget keyboard, they will usually have Outemu switches. Brown switches are the jack of all trades, but master of none. This means you can start with Gateron Brown switches and if you don’t like them you can move to a different switch type. The keyboard set the bar with Cherry MX switches, customizable PBT keycaps, and is absolutely packed full of firmware. If you’re new to mechanical keyboards and are confused about what brown switches are and what they are used for, you are in the right place. Gli Outemu ne ho a tonnellate tolti da varie tastiere. You can go with Cherry MX Brown switches, which are durable and will last you for years. Rashko T.: @Rand. The keyboard has a supreme typing experience with an excellent case design, super smooth stabilizers, and PBT keycaps. But if you’re trying to save money, you can’t complain too much about the performance of the switch. Picking between a brown switch and a heavier option comes down to how hard you press the keys when typing. Outemu Brown switches are one of the cheapest switches. link to What's The Best Mouse Polling Rate for Gaming? Thanks for pointing it out. Gateron Browns are probably your best bet if you want to save money but still have a high quality switch. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a brown switch whether it’s Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, or Outemu. Thanks to Kaihua Electronics, a high-tech enterprise that has been successfully building up its reputation since 1990, we now have another serious contender for the Cherry clone throne (as well as the definite winner of the 2018 rhyme wars). Let’s break down this switch rivalry. This makes optical switches a really good option for gaming because the faster actuation can help boost your competitive level. Compared to the cheaper options, it can be a tough sell. September 20, 2018. The goal of this subreddit is to provide daily links to interesting mechanical keyboard content. A fact check would be welcome, but from a 5 second Google they seem to be the same ... At least go for kailh box brown or ideally outemu sky. Typing is where brown switches really start to excel. For some reason the Gateron Brown switches feel so bad to type on and I constantly make typos as well as miss keys. The tactile bump on each keystroke gives you feedback and lets you know when each switch has actuated. 86 11 CPU Intel Core i5 … Kailh Box Brown switches are a cool option because the actual shape of the stem is a bit different. You really can’t go wrong with the Durgod Taurus K320. The Gateron switches are practically identical to the Cherry MX as far as plastic parts. Linus tech tips. Gateron switches are a clone switch, but they are considered mid-tier. Some enthusiasts prefer Cherry for their company's history of innovation and quality. 4 pc. Inoltre ho individuato 3 distinte marche di switch: MX Cherry, le più famose, migliori e più costose, e le Outemu e le Gateron che sembrano essere più economiche, anche se leggermente inferiori in rumorosità / prestazioni (ma parliamone, non sono un sedicenne ai champion's league). The tactile bump helps limit mistakes which can increase the speed at which you enter data. Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, Razer, and other Cherry MX clones all share the same PCB, plate, and keycap dimensions. There are other tactile switches that have a bigger bump if you need more tactile feedback, but if you’ve never used a mechanical switch before, brown is a good place to start. For that reason, linear switches, such as a red switch are preferred. Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. 30 pc. ... Gateron Brown vs Cherry MX Brown. You could also consider the Gateron Brown switch that strikes a balance between both typing and gaming. Brown switches are tactile. It's why the board with Gaterons cost more. Jual Outemu Brown SMD RGB Switch (Tactile - Plate Mount) dengan harga Rp4.000 dari toko online Mechanical Keyboards, Kota Semarang. For 10 quid, it's not even a question. Outemu SKY v2.2 SMD RGB Switch (Tactile 68g - PCB Mount) IDR 6.800. Jual Outemu Brown SMD RGB Switch (Tactile - Plate Mount) di - Harga Termurah & Melayani Pengiriman Seluruh Indonesia We’re going to talk all about brown switches and dive really deep into the subject. Gateron is known for their super smooth linear switches, but their tactile Brown switches aren’t too bad either. The brown switches are not most quiet option, unless you go for a Gateron Silent Brown. Gateron Optical Brown switches are interesting because they acutate via a combination of mechanical movement and light. The Outemu aren't like Cherry Brown level scratchy, but they just aren't quite as smooth as the Gateron. Vai sulla Cooler Master. Gateron smoothness is quite nice. Gateron Browns are significantly cheaper than their Cherry MX browns counterparts, but in some ways they are a better switch. The heavier switch makes it less likely to make mistakes, but can also fatigue your fingers quicker. Similar to Gateron switches, Outemu Brown switches last for 50 million keystrokes. They aren’t the cheapest but are still a fraction of the price of Cherry MX. Cherry mx vs browns - browns. 26. Gaterons all day long, although outemus to me to feel that bad they just aren't nearly as buttery smooth as the Gaterons. Outemu currently offers four switches including the Outemu Blue, Brown, Red, and Black switch which feature different acutation types and forces. That being said, if you work in a super quiet office, your keyboard may stand out a little bit. In which case, a heavier switch, such as a Cherry MX Clear can be a better option. If you’re on a tight budget, getting an Outemu is a no-brainer. Gateron is also noted to have a slightly more pronounced bump feeling on actuation. If you are playing a non-competitive game however, the type of switch you use won’t matter too much. Faccio tanti errori di battitura, sono peggiori degli Outemu. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Cherry MX Brown is the original brown switch. Not to mention, you have dozens of different keyboards to choose from because of how common brown switches are. The keyboard is absolutely feature-packed and has a multitude of uses. Ho anche comprato dei Gateron blue ma mi sono risultati veramente brutti. Segui la diretta su Twitch! Too many videos out there comparing mainstream mechanical switches, here's one for the more budget-friendly ones! Beli Outemu Brown Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! The switch has a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes, which means you can use this switch for years without worrying about it breaking down. - Il feedback tattile dei Gateron è posizionato più in alto rispetto ai Cherry MX Brown, ed è più pronunciato. link to Logitech MX Ergo Plus Review: Best In Class, optical switches a really good option for gaming. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones and talk about the specifications and benefits of each switch. ZenoneZ Nuovo Utente. 5 Instead of the typical mechanical switch where the electrical plates need to touch for the switch to actuate, instead one the stem moves past a certain point light will actuate the switch. This switch goes for a “box” design to the stem which makes it more stable and less wobbly when typing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tactile Keyboard Switch img. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. The switch is very scratchy, probably the scratchiest option out there. Gateron Browns are more tactile than MX Browns, but they have lighter spring (50gr bottom out instead of 55gr), and smoother, but more wobbly housing. Outemu feel slightly heavier which I think adds to the tactility. :) September 21, 2018. rand: you have gat yellows in the picture but then don’t list it in the table below. Brown switches only produce a moderate amount of noise so they can be a good option for the office and you won’t have to worry too much about how loud the keyboard is. Fixed! AFAIK Gateron brown is the equivalent to Cherry brown. ... consiglio i gateron silent brown piuttosto che i red. 3 pc. With a lifespan of 60 million keystrokes, you should get plenty of time out of these switches before they start to break down, but compared to Cherry MX, that’s not very impressive. They don’t feel quite as good as Cherry MX or Gateron switches, but I do think they outperform Kailh’s Cherry MX clones. Magicforce Smart 21 Silver/White (Gateron Brown - Ice Blue LED) IDR 530.000. ... Outemu Brown SMD RGB Switch (Tactile - Plate Mount) IDR 20.000. This makes it difficult to open them up if you want to lubricate the switches or install switch film. help I ordered an artisan keycap that is supposed to be for Cherry MX switches but mine doesn't fit, the keycap is too wide so it slides up and down on the stem and wobbles when pressed. Still worth it, in your mind? Greetech GT02 Green SMD RGB Switch (Tactile Click - Plate Mount) IDR 8.000. It’s not uncommon for Cherry MX Brown switches to sell in the $1 range for each. It wasn’t long ago that whenever someone wanted to buy a mechanical keyboard then the Cherry MX switches were the only type of switches that he could think about, but nowadays it isn’t just the Cherry MX that is in the market, in fact, there are some other switches available in the market that are competing with the Cherry MX ones. One common complaint about brown switches is that the tactile bump is too light. Well for only 40 bucks,that's not that bad.I wanted to go for a keyboard that had Outemu blues and cost only 40$(Redragon Kumara)but then i spotted a Tesoro Durandal with cherry MX Black for 60$ and i went with that.From what i saw(on You Tube and forums) the blue Outemu's share the same characteristics as the Browns mentioned here.So yeah it seems like all of these Outemu switches are … But when it comes to a game such as Fortnite, where you need to build walls extremely quickly with precision, a brown switch can start to slow you down. Gateron Switches are one of the switches that are available besides Cherry MX. La CK350 ha poi switch Gateron, decisamente migliori rispetto agli Outemu montati sulla Aukey e più durevoli anche a livello di "cambiamento" nella rumorosità nel tempo. When gaming, you want a switch that is light and fast actuating. The bulk of third party or artisan keycaps will be designed to work with and swapped out for any of these makes of switch keycaps. The design of the box switch is great, but there is a pretty big drawback. The switch has a small tactile bump which makes it good for accurate typing and programming, although it may not be the best option for gaming.

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